Visit the historic Falcon Rest Mansion in McMinnville, Tennessee

We tend to look at history from a political lens. We will follow the great men and women of the past who changed culture and shaped the world we live in today. Now we love this kind of story, but there are little pockets of time that seem to have been forgotten. Those were times when people lived ordinary lives but did extraordinary things. They may not have changed the political structure of the world, but they did make a difference, and these interesting stories can be just as entertaining. Stories like these can be found at this historic mansion in McMinnville, Tennessee.

Touring this historic mansion in McMillville, Tennessee is perfect for any history buff. Taking a tour with a charismatic host, seeing the finely decorated property, strolling through the garden and hearing a ghost story or two makes for a great visit. Bring a friend for lunch or bring the love of your life for a sleepover, however you choose to enjoy this historical piece it is sure to make an impression. To find out more about the property, tours or other information, please visit the Falcon Rest Mansion and Garden website.

Not far from the villa is a nice little hike with incredible views and a waterfall.

Address: Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens, 2645 Faulkner Springs Road, McMinnville, TN 37110, USA

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