Sweetens Cove Whiskey lives up to the hype

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Sweetens Cove Golf Club has quickly become one of those golf enthusiast courses. It’s a quirky 9-hole golf course located just 30 miles west of Chattanooga, Tennessee that operates a little differently than an ordinary golf course. Instead of selling tee times, they sell day passes. Instead of a set route, you can play a variety of greens from a variety of tee boxes. Instead of filling up your water bottle before heading out for the day (okay, not instead — in addition to…), grab a shot of whiskey.

This tradition unsurprisingly led to the creation of their very own bourbon whiskey, which – much like the golf course itself – lives up to the hype.

They made two types of bourbon. The first is a limited edition Tennessee whiskey with notes of toasted oak, vanilla bean and brown sugar. It’s a chic, expensive bottle that would make a great gift for the whiskey golf lover in your life.

They’ve also made a lower-priced Kennessee whiskey with notes of graham crackers, orange peel and sweet, warm caramel that – as the name suggests – blends Kentucky and Tennessee whiskeys. It also makes a great gift if you’re looking for something under $100 that’s still beautiful and special.

Both bottles are delicious – smooth and decidedly bold, delicious over ice or mixed into your favorite bourbon-based cocktail (although I’d recommend enjoying the Tennessee bottle neat).

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Sweetens Cove Tennessee Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey


This Tennessee Bourbon blend is so, so soft – just like the greens at Sweetens Cove Golf Club. It costs a pretty penny but makes a great gift for the golf/bourbon lover in your life.

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Sweetens Cove Kennessee Bourbon Whiskey


The Kentucky Tennessee Bourbon blend has notes of sugar maple. If you’re not ready to shell out $200 for the Tennessee blend, this is a perfect alternative that still tastes great!

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Emil Haas

Golf.com Contributor