Selection and Outcome Predictions: Tennessee at South Carolina

With just two games left for Tennessee in the regular season, that means just two more opportunities for the volunteers to make an impression on the playoff committee. They won’t get a chance to go to Atlanta, so all of their damage must be done now.

Josh Heupel started his style point campaign against Missouri last week and amassed 66 points. Can he continue like this this week?

Terry: Tennessee 52, South Carolina 17

South Carolina is ranked 78th in total defense. More specifically, the Gamecocks are currently 113th against the run. Tennessee has regularly set fire to top-20 defenses, so the setup here seems ripe for a blast.

Shane Beamer’s group seemed to be improving midway through the season, but upon further review it now seems like Kentucky and Texas A&M are just plain bad. Florida blew them out last week while Georgia barely had to break a sweat early in the season. Missouri, the Tennessee team just beat 66-24, beat South Carolina 23-10 at Williams-Brice.

Josh Heupel showed he’s going for style last week and I expect he’ll get his chance here. Tennessee will score as many points as they want.

Clint: Tennessee 49, South Carolina 17

Last week I predicted Tennessee would win. That’s all you need to know. Please don’t go back and read my specific outcome prediction. That is unnecessary.

In the last two weeks against Georgia and Missouri, I actually broke the rating systems with my picks. I’ll be on my way again and actually continue with the systems this time. I choose the volunteers to win and cover.

I don’t trust South Carolina’s offensive or defensive lines to win fights with any consistency against Tennessee. I think the volunteers will be able to come up with whatever they want against a South Carolina defense that has underperformed miserably. I could see Spencer Rattler having a good day if he decides to scramble around. Tennessee’s defense showed a real weakness in that regard against Missouri last week.

But I’m not betting on Rattler becoming a star quarterback just because he plays Tennessee. The Gamecocks will likely fight the Tennessee defense just as they have fought almost every other SEC team on their schedule.

Nick: Tennessee 38, South Carolina 21

I have a feeling this is going to be a weird game. The Vols are the better team, but beating Tennessee tomorrow would make Shane Beamer and South Carolina’s season.

I’m hoping the offense is more contained than the last road game, and if so, the Vols will handle the deal with relative ease.

But if USC somehow “weird” this game and put the UT offense in trouble early, the game could very well get interesting.

Matthew: Tennessee 41, South Carolina 13

One thing is certain, and it is that Williams-Brice will be loud on Saturday night. However, it won’t be long now. A sandstorm sweeps over Knoxville.

South Carolina has been struggling lately, while Tennessee wants to prove something to the committee. The Vols lead the SEC in scoring offense, coming off a week in which they hung 66 on Missouri.

That wasn’t without struggles, however, and Tennessee has to pick it up defensively. Luckily for them, they’re faced with one of the SEC’s minor offenses, where if you stop their game in progress, you stop them entirely.

South Carolina is undefeated when rushing for 170 yards. They are 1-4 if they fail to crack 100. This should add to the Vols’ strengths, and I’ve got Tennessee rolling in their penultimate conference game.