Funeral service for “AHS” star Leslie Jordan in Tennessee

Hundreds of fans gathered in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee on Sunday to commemorate Leslie Jordan.

The celebration, held at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium, included music, singing, comedy and audience participation, which Jordan’s family wanted, according to local ABC station.

Tickets were $20 each and all proceeds went to one of Jordan’s favorite causes, CEMPA Community Care.

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly spoke earlier.

“If Leslie were here with us today, I would thank him for his contributions to our culture throughout his acting career, for guiding us through the dark days of the pandemic with his wicked sense of humor and for always inviting us to his.” Herz and its world,” Kelly said. “Leslie opened up to all of us and never stopped sharing the love and light he carried within.”

Leslie Jordan.
Jordan became a social media star with his hilarious posts during the pandemic.
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The commemoration date was posted on the actor’s Instagram account, which featured a recent photo alongside an adorable black and white photo of Jordan as a child.

“We will never say goodbye. We will keep you alive in our memories and with your stories. Funeral and Memorial Service, 11/20/22 – Chattanooga, Tennessee,” read the caption.

Leslie Jordan as a kid and fresh.
The memorial was announced on the actor’s Instagram account.

Many celebrity friends commented on the post, including Justin Long.

“If there’s a way to access Instagram in the afterlife, I have a feeling Leslie would check those messages and be ‘tickled’ by them. I remember once calling people who follow him here “followers,” and he corrected me: “I prefer to call them friends,” he said.

WILL & GRACE, Leslie Jordan, Megan Mullally,

Jordan appeared in both Will & Grace and American Horror Story.

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, lr: Robin Barlett, Frances Conroy, Leslie Jordan in

Jordan appeared in both Will & Grace and American Horror Story.

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“When I got to hang out with him in Chattanooga, I witnessed how he treated the fans that came up to him with so much kindness and humor – just like you would a friend. His cheerfulness and joie de vivre will always stay with me – as will his unique voice when I say the words ‘well’ and ‘s–t’ in order 😌❤️,” Long wrote.

Jordan died in a car accident on October 24. He is believed to have suffered a medical emergency before crashing into the side of a Hollywood building. He was 67.

Though the diminutive actor is known for his camp appearances on Will & Grace and American Horror Story, he became a social media phenomenon during the COVID-19 pandemic when he began posting anecdotes and skits on Instagram to post and gain millions of fans from it.