Day 1 Finale Live Recap


The Tennessee Invite is a little different this year as it’s being settled in a dual-meet format, but despite (or perhaps because of) it didn’t lack for speed this morning.

The last individual event of the night, the 50 Free, was supposed to be the marquee event. UVA teammates Kate Douglas and Gretchen Walsch went 21.17 and 21.21 and ranked them 2nd and 3rd in the nation so far this season. Meanwhile, Tennessee went 2-1 in the men’s too Jordan Crooks Breaking a 18.68 and freshman Gui Caribe Achieve best in life 19.05.

200 free relay women

  • NCAA A-average: 1:28.43
  • NCAA “B” average: 1:29.21

The best 3:

  1. Virginia “A” – 1:26.96
  2. UNC ‘A’ — 1:26.99
  3. Virginia “B” – 1:27.30

The Virginia women again split their best swimmers into two separate relays Gretchen Walsch Derivation of the ‘B’ relay and Kate Douglas Derivation of the ‘A’ relay. Walsh started in a time of 21.02, which is the fourth fastest performance of all time and is less than a tenth off her personal best of 20.95.

Douglass also swam a very respectable time of 21:25 when she started Max Parker (21.59), Lexi Cuomo (21.73) and Kate Morris (22.39) finished first in a time of 1:26.96. They were followed by UNC Olivia Nile (21.92), Sophie Lindner (22.20), Greer Pattison (21.91) and Grace County (20.92). Countie’s anchor leg was particularly quick as she had the only Under-21 split of the field and passed the Virginia B Squadron for second.

G Walsh, Alex Walsch (21.52), Carly Roman (22.32) and Reilly Tiltman (22.44) finished third in a time of 1:27.30.

Men’s 200 meter free relay

  • NCAA A Average: 1:16.80
  • NCAA “B” average: 1:17.58

The best 3:

  1. Tennessee “A” – 1:15.32
  2. Virginia “A” – 1:15.67
  3. Michigan “A” – 1:17.41

Jordan Crooks helped the Vols to a dominant start in the 200s relay, which took the lead in a time of 18.27 to tie Bjorn Seeliger as the second-fastest player ever in the 50s spare. was to follow him Gui Caribe (18.65), Scott Scanlon (19.11) and Alexei Tarasenko (19.29) and together they had a time of 1:15.32, which would have placed them 8th in the NCAAs last year (considerably faster than the team’s 16th place finish).

Close behind was Virginias Matt Brownstead, who took the lead in 19.24, 0.05 seconds off his season best. Him, Matt King (18.56), Jack Aikins (19.02), and August Lamb (18.85) went 1:15.67 and finished just three tenths behind Tennessee.

Michigan’s relay of Bence Szabados (19.36), Cam Peel (19.28), Gal Cohen Groumi (19:30) and Nikola Akin (19:47) finished third.


  • NCAA A-average: 4:35.76
  • NCAA “B” average: 4:47.20
  • Invitation time 2022: 4:43.08

Top 8:

  1. Alex WalschVirginia—4:38.34
  2. Katie Crom, Mich. – 4:39.28
  3. Ella Nelson, Va.—4:41.92
  4. Aly Breslin, Tennessee – 4:42.78
  5. Kate McCarville, Tennessee – 4:43.15
  6. Lauren Wetherell, Tennessee – 4:44.95
  7. Kathryn Ackerman, Mich. – 4:46.26
  8. Riley Francis, Mich. – 4:50.76

Add the 500 for free to the huge list of events that Alex Walsch is capable of making an A-final at the NCAAs. She slowly separated from the field as the race progressed and in her third race she swam to a time of 4:38.34 (once she was 12 years old) and lost four seconds on her time of 4 in the preliminary round: 4:42.35.

Walsh split her race with 53.47/56.93/57.08/56.63/54.23, very different from her preliminary swim where she opened with 53.69 and held 57 seconds for the rest of her race.

Second behind Walsh was Michigan Katie Crom, who walked 4:39.28. She saw a big improvement in that swim when she competed today her personal best was 4:44.39. She beat Walsh in her last 50 and finished with 26.10.

came third Ella Nelson, who was just 0.06 seconds behind Walsh at one point in the middle of the race. However, she faded well behind Walsh in her back half to swim a 4:41.92.

Winning the “B” final was a freshman from Tennessee Julia Burroughswho clearly undercut her best time of 4:50.29 with 4:44.05.

Virginias Sophia Knapp swam strong in the C final, losing her personal best by more than two seconds from 4:47.58 to 4:45.06.


  • NCAA A-cut: 4:11.40
  • NCAA “B” average: 4:22.35
  • Invitation time 2022: 4:14.96

Top 8:

  1. Joaquin Vargas, Tennessee – 4:15.35
  2. Joey Tepper, Tennessee – 4:16.13
  3. Eduardo Moraes, Mich. – 4:17.81
  4. Patrick Hussey, UNC-4:18.21
  5. Rafael Ponce de Leon, Tennessee – 4:19.05
  6. Louis Dramm, UNC-4:20.34
  7. Jack Wright, UVA/Connor Hunt, Mich. – 4:23.94

Swimming a massive personal best of 4:15.35 Tennessee Joaquin Vargas won the men’s 500m free in over a second. He surpassed his previous personal best of 4:17.54 from 2022 SECs by a comfortable margin.

Teammate of Vargas Joey Tepper tok second, go 4:16.13. He also lost a significant time from his previous PB of 4:21.17.

Third was Michigan Edward Morae, who walked 4:17.81. The newcomer from Brazil improved ten seconds on his personal best of 4:28.06 in Michigan vs. Easter Michigan, Ohio and Purdue earlier this month.


  • NCAA A Average: 1:53.66
  • NCAA “B” average: 1:59.56
  • Invitation time 2022: 1:56.85

Top 8:

  1. Josephine Fuller, Tennessee – 1:55.90
  2. Abby Harter, Va. – 1:56.55
  3. Sara Stotler, Tennessee – 1:56.96
  4. Ellie Vannote, UNC—1:57.07
  5. Letitia Sim, Mich. – 1:57.10
  6. Ella Bathurst, Va. – 1:57.97
  7. Brooklyn Douthwright—1:58.17
  8. Devon Kitchel, Mich. – 1:58.52

After posting a massive personal best of 1:55.54 in heats, Josephine Fuller was a bit slower in the final and swam a 1:55.90. That being said, her time was still fast enough to take the win by a significant margin. She dominated the backstroke with her top shot with a 28.59 split – the only under-29 backsplit in the field.

Letitia Sim gained a lot of ground in the breaststroke, sharing 33.72 (second fastest split in the field) and finishing second at the 150 yard mark. However, she was overtaken Abby Harter, Sara Stoetlerand Ellie Vannoteand finished fifth in 1:57.10.

Harter stormed to second place in the freestyle and finished with a 27.58 Final 50, the fastest in the field. She ended up swimming a time of 1:56.55, her fastest time outside of an NCAAs or conference meeting. Her personal best is a 1:55.08 out of 2022 NCAAs.

Swimming Show, Tennessee Professional Swimmers Tessa Cieplucha clocked a 1:55.86 and won the C-Final in a time that would have won the A-Final.

MEN 200 IM

  • NCAA A-Average: 1:41.22
  • NCAA “B” average: 1:46.52
  • Invitation time 2022: 1:43.36

Top 8:

  1. Gal Cohen Groumi, Mich. – 1:43.67
  2. Noah Nichols, Va. – 1:44.72
  3. Jared Daigle, Mich. – 1:45.14
  4. Kamal Muhammad, Virginia—1:45–28
  5. Ansel Froass, Mich. – 1:45.82
  6. Noah Rutberg, UNC-1:45.92
  7. Max Iida, Virginia – 1:47.35
  8. Nick Simons, Tennessee – 1:47.56

Gal Cohen Groumi made the most of his race and spun into first place by the halfway point of the race by over a second. He had a dominant backstroke, shared a 25.71 and was the only swimmer under 26 in stroke.

On the other hand, Noah nicholas was halfway down in last place but made up a lot of ground with his breastbone, breaking a 27.79 that was the fastest in the field by over a second. However, he failed to catch Groumi, who finished in first place by over a second with a time of 1:43.67. Nichols was second in 1:44.72, losing 0.09 seconds on his personal best heats.

In a distant third was Michigan Jared Daigle, who walked 1:45.14. top seeds Kammal Muhammadd, who had the fastest flysplit in the field (21.97), finished fourth with a time of 1:45.28. He was a few tenths off his pre-lap time of 1:44.49.


  • NCAA A-cut: 21.66
  • NCAA “B” Cut: 22.71
  • Invitation period 2022: 22.16

Top 8:

  1. Gretchen WalschVirginia — 20.94
  2. Kate DouglasVirginia — 21.46
  3. Grace County, UNC – 21.68
  4. Maxine Parker, Va. – 21.86
  5. Olivia Neil, UNC – 03/22
  6. Mona McSharry, Tennessee – 22.15
  7. Greer Pattison, UNC – 22.22
  8. Lindsay Flynn, Mich. – 22.28

Just one hour after February 21st. Gretchen Walsch set a personal best of 20.94 in the individual race to record the No. 3 swimmer in history and fourth U21-50 freewheel ever. She is down 0.01 seconds from her personal best of 20.95 by 2022 NCAAs.

Walsh was absolutely dominant in this race and beat her teammate Kate Douglas by 0.52 seconds. Douglass swam a 21.46 for second place. However, she was faster on two other occasions today, swimming a 21.17 in the heats and leading a 21.25 in the 200m free relay.

Third place went to UNC’s Grace Countie, who almost matched her prelim time of 21:63 to 21:68. Maxine Parker finished fourth with 21.86, staying under 22 seconds for the first time this season. She set a new personal best, beating the 21.93 mark she swam at SECs in 2021.


  • NCAA A average: 18.88
  • NCAA “B” Cut: 19.82
  • Invitation period 2022: 19.28

Top 8:

  1. Jordan Crooks, Tennessee – 6:60 p.m
  2. Gui Caribe, Tennessee – 18.91
  3. Matt King, Va. – 19.15
  4. Matt Brownstead, Va. – 19.20
  5. Bence Szabados, Mich. – 19:43
  6. Jack Aikins, Va. – 19.60
  7. Aleksey Tarasenko, Tennessee – 19.64
  8. Cam Peel, Mich. – 19.88


  • NCAA A-average: 3:31.38
  • NCAA “B” average: 3:33.54


  • NCAA A-average: 3:04.95
  • NCAA “B” average: 3:06.84