Crying father of Tennessee nurse shot suspected killers in court

The father of a Tennessee nurse who was shot dead on his way to work in 2020 dramatically pounced on his daughter’s suspected killers in a Nashville courtroom before being escorted out of the building.

Video footage from the courtroom on Tuesday shows the two men accused of killing the 26-year-old nurse, Devaunte Lewis Hill and James Edward Cowan, being led into their seats while she is handcuffed in a pair of matching orange jumpsuits are.

Seconds later, the victim’s father, Rick Kaufman, is seen rushing towards the Plexiglas wall separating the accused killers from the rest of the court. He was then body checked by a deputy and dragged from the room.

The father was present for the first day of the motions hearing, where the two men – Hill and Cowan – face criminal homicide charges. Hill was charged with assault, WKRN-TV reported.

The charges in the murder case stem from a Dec. 3, 2020 incident in which the 26-year-old nurse, who relocated to Nashville from Pennsylvania to work, was allegedly shot by the two suspects while she was driving on Interstate 40 .

Kaufman was on her way to work at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital and never showed up for her shift. Her car was later spotted curbside by a Metro Parks officer, Sgt. Chris Dickerson told News Channel 5.

“He approached the vehicle and found it had multiple bullet holes in the vehicle and then he saw that a person inside was slumped over the steering wheel so he parked his vehicle in front of her and I believe called for extra units said Sgt. Dickerson.

Officers initially suspected the altercation stemmed from a traffic incident and that one of the men in the car had fired at least six rounds at Kaufman’s gray Mazda SUV, with one of the bullets causing her fatal wound.

Rick Kaufman, father of Caitlyn Kaufman, is escorted by deputies from a Nashville courtroom after pouncing on a pitch towards Devaunte Lewis Hill and James Edward Cowan, the men accused of killing his daughter in 2020 to have

(Fox Nashville/Videoscreengrab)

A coroner said it took 15 seconds for the 26-year-old to succumb to her wounds, WZTZ reported. But in that small window, she managed to pull onto the shoulder of the highway before dying.

The male couple did not enter into a plea deal. The prosecutor handling the case is demanding that both suspects be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.