Cookie Wars on West Tennessee Street – The Famuan

Photos of Crumbl, Insomnia and Mo’s Cookie courtesy of the company logos.

The Cookie Wars officially began when a popular cookie chain opened on West Tennessee Street.

On October 28, Crumbl Cookies opened its third location in Tallahassee, alongside its Mahan Village and Bannerman Crossings locations.

Crumbl Cookies is a trendy cookie company known for their weekly changing menu, offering customers a seemingly endless variety of flavors to try. The first store, founded by cousins ​​Jason McGowen and Sawyer Hemsley, opened in Logan, Utah in 2017. The business has since gone on to have over 600 bakeries in 47 states, making it the nation’s fastest growing cookie company, according to the company’s website.

Unlike the other Crumbl bakeries in Tallahassee, this new store is on the same street as two other competing cookie stores: Insomnia Cookies and Mo Cookies. Each bakery is located on very busy West Tennessee Street, within five minutes of each other. This arguably leaves students with one of the greatest challenges they could face.

Each of these bakeries is different and that makes them stand out from each other. Insomnia Cookies is known for its nightly deliveries and overall late hours of operation, Mo Cookies is known for its signature “Mo Cookies” which is particularly “thick” and Crumbl Cookies is known for its rotating menu as mentioned earlier.

So why did Crumbl Cookies choose to open a store down the street from its competitors? We may never know, but it doesn’t seem like Tallahassee residents and students are complaining.

While they all sound delicious, everyone has their preferences. As for Raniyah Battle, a general health student at FAMU, that preference happened to be the new kid on the block.

“Honestly, I prefer crumb cookies. The fact that their flavors change every week makes me excited to buy their cookies,” said Battle. “I love how different and versatile their cookies can be.”

Charde Sylvester, a nursing student at FAMU, disagrees, however, as Insomnia hasn’t disappointed Cookies yet.

“I prefer Insomnia to the other options because I’ve never had a bad experience with it,” Sylvester said. “Although the promotions that Crumbl has on social media are driving sales, I think some of those reviews have put some off trying them.”

Though Crumbl and Insomnia seem to get the most hype from students, local bakery Mo’s Cookies puts up a good fight, and pre-law student Naomi Gowdy can attest to that.

“Mo’s may not be as big as Crumbl and Insomnia, but honestly I like it better. The cookies are always warm, and their “thick” cookies are different than others,” Gowdy said. “It’s like hidden treasure in Tallahassee.”