Kevin Johnson: Court denies death row inmate whose teenage daughter is barred from attending his execution scheduled for today ” Missouri

CNN — The Missouri Supreme Court has denied a death row inmate’s request for a stay of execution after hearing arguments that racial discrimination played a role in his charge of murdering a police officer. Since Kevin Johnson is scheduled to be executed on Tuesday, he will appeal to the United States Supreme Court, his … Read more

Rural Arizona County is delaying confirmation of interim results as election disputes continue – Arizona

CNN — Officials in a rural Arizona county on Monday delayed certification of the November midterm elections, missing the legal deadline and getting the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to sue over the county’s failure to sign off on the results. With a 2-1 vote Monday morning, the Republican majority on the Cochise County Board … Read more

Conscientious objectors have faced defeat, but conscientious objection still reigns in Arizona – Arizona

CNN — Many of the candidates who peddled former President Donald Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” were defeated in November, a pattern heralded by Democrats that is already changing the contours of the 2024 election — which prompts the former president to modulate his tone as he recently released another … Read more

New York Adult Survivors Act: Lawsuits expected as window opens for sex abuse claims

new York CNN — Adult sex abuse survivors can now sue their abusers in New York — even if the statute of limitations on their claims has expired — under state law that goes into effect Thursday. The new law gives adult survivors of sexual assault one year to file lawsuits against their abusers. It … Read more

Lindsey Graham is testifying before the Georgia grand jury examining the aftermath of the 2020 election

CNN — South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham appears Tuesday before a Georgia grand jury investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Fulton County prosecutors investigating efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to undermine the results of the 2020 election in the Peach State want to question Graham about post-election calls he made … Read more