Why Hawaii’s lava from Mauna Loa probably won’t stop it from hitting the highway

CNN — Lava from the Mauna Loa volcano’s ongoing eruption is just a few miles from a major highway on Hawaii’s Big Island. But despite the inconvenience of closing the highway, attempts to divert the lava flow are unlikely, experts say. The lava was just 2.5 miles from the Daniel K. Inouye Highway as of … Read more

The Mauna Loa lava flow creeps closer to the Hawaii Highway, which connects two sides of the Big Island

CNN — As the world’s largest active volcano spews molten rock in Hawaii, the lava flow approaches a main road that serves as the shortest route between the east and west sides of the Big Island. Over the past day, the advance of lava from Mauna Loa slowed to an average rate of about 40 … Read more

What we know about Georgia voters ahead of the Senate runoff

CNN — For the past two years, the eyes of politicians have repeatedly turned to Georgia. And for the second time in two years, voters in this key state will choose their senator in a runoff that will this time decide whether Democrats extend their 50-50 majority. Early data shows voters are not tiring of … Read more

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ controversial new approach to homelessness

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. Sign up for free to get it in your inbox here. CNN — New York City Mayor Eric Adams this week gave the city’s first responders, including police, a controversial new job — enforcing a state law that allows them to involuntarily lock up … Read more

Georgia County has ordered an extension of the deadline for voting by mail in the runoff

CNN — A Georgia Superior Court judge has ordered Cobb County to extend its deadline for accepting mail-in ballots in the US Senate runoff after a lawsuit alleging scores of voters who requested mail-in ballots had not received them. The lawsuit, filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU, cited specific examples of … Read more

Democrats vote to go ahead with Biden’s plan to put South Carolina first on the main 2024 calendar

CNN — The rulemaking arm of the Democratic National Committee voted Friday to accept a proposal to drastically overhaul the president’s 2024 nomination calendar, making South Carolina the first state to hold a primary, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire on the same day a few days later and then Georgia and Michigan ahead of … Read more

Arizona Secretary of State is calling for an investigation into Republicans who have balked at confirming the election – Arizona

CNN — The Arizona Secretary of State’s office on Friday called on state and local prosecutors to investigate and take enforcement action against two Republican officials who refused to certify their county’s election results by the legal deadline. In the referral letter, state Elections Superintendent Kori Lorick said Cochise County Supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy … Read more

Biden meets with Prince of Wales in Boston > Massachusetts

CNN — President Joe Biden met with the Prince of Wales in Boston on Friday, where the two men exchanged “warm memories” of the late Queen Elizabeth II, according to Kensington Palace. The Prince and Princess of Wales are in Boston for the second annual Earthshot awards ceremony, an ambitious initiative founded by Prince William … Read more

Biden proposes South Carolina as the first primary state to drastically change the presidential nomination calendar

CNN — President Joe Biden has asked leaders of the Democratic National Committee to drastically overhaul the 2024 presidential nomination calendar, making South Carolina the first state to host a primary, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire on the same day a week later, with Georgia in the the following week and then Michigan , … Read more

Hawaii Volcano: As officials urge viewers to beware of Mauna Loa’s lava eruption, they’ve also devised a safe way to view it

Waimea, Hawaii CNN — As the world’s largest active volcano erupts molten rock here on the Big Island, a mixture of apprehension and awe has arisen among visitors. People have paused in their cars throughout the night to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring scene – a blazing river cutting through the darkened horizon. They … Read more