PFF scores, snap counts toward Tiger’s win over Arkansas

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Let’s take another look at Mizzou’s 29-27 win over Arkansas. As we’ve done for the past several years, each week we take a closer look at the Tigers’ game using Pro Football Focus data, starting with full snap counts for each player on offense and defense, and then diving deeper their production … Read more

Eli Drinkwitz is optimistic about the trajectory of Mizzou football heading to the regular-season finals

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Looking around Missouri’s football program, Eli Drinkwitz sees unmistakable signs of growth. His office is in a 200,000-square-foot palatial complex that’s barely three years old. Just south, construction crews are working daily on a new $33 million indoor exercise facility slated to open next summer. Ticket sales and attendance for Mizzou home … Read more