The New Mexico Childcare Guarantee means a mother’s 8-year-old child no longer has to worry about money

Albuquerque, New Mexico CNN — As a mother of three, Alicia Fout went to college and worked 30 hours a week, but still often struggled to pay for childcare. The high price forced them to prioritize paying their monthly bills, which meant frequent utility shutdown notifications — and some extremely difficult decisions. “I learned what … Read more

Will water shortages elsewhere prompt “climate refugees” to seek out Wisconsin? | Wisconsin

LOS ANGELES – On the neatly furnished patio of a Los Angeles condo, a collection of succulents, cacti, a young lemon tree and more urban greenery await their next water ration. Your thirst may not end until a Monday or Thursday because the condo is on the odd side of the street; watering twice a … Read more

A little shopping this holiday season supports Montana’s essential businesses

AIKTA MARCOULIER and BRENT DONNELLY The pandemic has confirmed the crucial role that small businesses play in our daily lives. It sounds cliche, but locally owned small businesses really are the heart and soul of our cities and communities. The holiday shopping season is a crucial time for small retailers and restaurants that depend on … Read more

From the sad, sudden end of an Army career, a bike world was born in Colorado Springs | lifestyle = Colorado

Connor Bestwick, who owns Gnarly B’s bike shop, opened an indoor bike park with ramps and jumps called The Station in Colorado Springs in early November. When Bestwick was diagnosed with compartment syndrome a few years ago, ending his military career, he began to pursue new hobbies and fell in love with bicycles. (Video by … Read more

Why Hawaii’s lava from Mauna Loa probably won’t stop it from hitting the highway

CNN — Lava from the Mauna Loa volcano’s ongoing eruption is just a few miles from a major highway on Hawaii’s Big Island. But despite the inconvenience of closing the highway, attempts to divert the lava flow are unlikely, experts say. The lava was just 2.5 miles from the Daniel K. Inouye Highway as of … Read more

serving lunch “one student at a time”; Marla’s Lunch combines school lunches with fundraising | Wisconsin

When her three sons were younger, Marla Stone took great pride in sending them to school with unique, healthy lunches. Her children’s lunches were noticed, and soon her sons’ friends asked Stone to make them a lunch to take to school. It wasn’t long before she was preparing dozens of lunches for her kids’ friends. … Read more

OPINION: The Yin and Yang of the California Job Description | Open ~ California

When California’s monthly employment report was released last week (November 18) – telling us how the situation was in October – Gov. Gavin Newsom was quick to make a solemn statement. “California has now fully recovered all of the jobs lost to the recession caused by the pandemic, but we know that’s not the finish … Read more

Money & the Law: Colorado judge finds himself on the wrong side of the law | business = Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court is not only responsible for deciding cases, but also for disciplining Colorado attorneys and judges. For lawyers, their conduct is governed by the Code of Conduct and the authority to investigate and prosecute violations is the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. For judges, their conduct is governed by the Code of … Read more

The Mauna Loa lava flow creeps closer to the Hawaii Highway, which connects two sides of the Big Island

CNN — As the world’s largest active volcano spews molten rock in Hawaii, the lava flow approaches a main road that serves as the shortest route between the east and west sides of the Big Island. Over the past day, the advance of lava from Mauna Loa slowed to an average rate of about 40 … Read more

Construction projects in Colorado Springs slowed by rising costs and interest rates | Subscriber Content = Colorado

Rising material and labor costs, as well as rising interest rates, have delayed several major commercial construction projects in Colorado Springs, including what would become the city’s tallest building. Developers have slowed plans for a 25-story apartment complex and redevelopment of the YMCA lot, both downtown, along with expansion of an on-site data center and … Read more