The best places to ski, snowboard and sled in North Dakota

Winters in North Dakota can be harsh. Temperatures drop below freezing, snow never melts and daylight is fleeting. If you’re trying to find joy and some happiness this winter, this could be just the thing to cure your winter blues.

Ski’t Ski’t

If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, this is your year. time to try. You have limited opportunities to break your legs as an adult, so get into the adventurous spirit and try something new and something dangerous (umm more than a little, but it’s okay).

We list again

Occasionally I get a little organized and start making lists. Here’s a list of some of the best places to ski, snowboard, and sled in North Dakota. you can thank me later In no particular order, here are the best spots for your winter activities.

1. Frostfire Park

Frost Fire is located near the North Dakota, Canada border in Valhalla. Here you will find mountain bike trails, a ski lift and a total of 10 downhill runs. You can even rent skis and snowboards if you don’t have your own. According to Trip Advisor, there’s also a bar and grill, and even an amphitheater that hosts musicals.

2. Huff Hill

Now open earlier than ever, Huff Hills is another popular North Dakota spot for winter fun. According to the reviews on Trip Advisor, people say that this is a very affordable place to ski and snowboard and is very family oriented. There are 16 different slopes you can ski down and it is located in Mandan.

3. Bottineau Winter Park

This ski area is 10 miles north of Bottineau, North Dakota. The terrain, tubing options, full-service rentals, and six different lifts. If you want variety and the full experience, you might want to try this place.

4. Exciting hills

This ski resort is located in the Sheyenne River Valley, 75 miles southwest of Fargo. This spot offers various options for beginners and has 290 vertical runs according to its website. The really crazy thing about this one is that you can ski or snowboard all year round; They have slopes with real and artificial snow.

5. Tom O’Leary Sledding Hill

Lastly, if you’re looking for something safer and close to Bismarck, you can always slide down Tom O’Leary Sledding Hill. This is one of the hills in the capital that kids will use as a sledding point. It is at the northwest corner of Griffin St. and West Boulevard Avenue.

That’s it folks

I hope this list has inspired you to shake off your seasonal slump. Thank you for reading TTFN!

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