Forecast for South Dakota State Arkansas

The South Dakota State Jackrabbits take on the Arkansas Razorbacks. Check out our college basketball odds series for our prediction and pick for South Dakota State Arkansas.

The South Dakota State Jackrabbits offer every indication that they will be the Summit League favorite again. They pulled off an impressive preseason win last week when they went to Idaho and defeated the Boise State Broncos 68-66 in a tense game that was tight throughout. South Dakota State defeated another NCAA tournament team from last season. Both the Jackrabbits and Broncos were part of the field of 68, and both went into this game with high expectations. The state of South Dakota’s ability to assert itself on the streets shows just how resilient the jackrabbits are. They’re known for having a fluid, beautiful offense and the ability to shoot 3-pointers at a high level, but the finesse style doesn’t mean they can’t play tough defense or compete at an elite level. They showed their competitive ability against Boise State and that should propel them into this game against Arkansas.

The Razorbacks are a Final Four contender, having defeated Gonzaga in last season’s Sweet 16 to reach the Elite Eight before Duke and Mike Krzyzewski stopped them en route to the Final Four. Arkansas has made the Elite Eight in each of the past two seasons. Coach Eric Musselman runs this program at a high level. When pinnacle successes are repeated – instead of being just an occasional reality – players develop great habits and improve in their evolution and development. When one good year builds on the next, expect Arkansas to be in the thick of things in March. Success cannot be taken for granted, but it is more likely to happen than not. When Musselman gains momentum with a team, he usually maximizes what he has. He showed that when he led Nevada to the Sweet 16 in 2018 just before taking the job in Arkansas and hitting a home run in Fayetteville. When good things keep happening — as they have for Arkansas over the past few years — a program, a coach and a team deserve the benefit of the doubt. It’s very hard to doubt Arkansas on a larger scale.

Courtesy of FanDuelhere are the South Dakota State-Arkansas College Basketball Odds.

College Basketball Odds: South Dakota State-Arkansas Odds

Rabbits in the state of South Dakota: +15.5 (-115)

Arkansas Razorbacks: -15.5 (-105)

Above: 152.5 (-110)

Below: 152.5 (-110)

Why the state of South Dakota could cover the spread

As mentioned above, the Jackrabbits played a very tough game in Boise State. Arkansas is way, way better than Boise State, but South Dakota State probably won’t be afraid of Arkansas or intimidated by the Razorbacks in this game. They also get 15.5 points. They have a very reasonable shot at being competitive, especially considering Arkansas didn’t start quickly last season. The Hogs struggled before finding their momentum later in the campaign. The state of South Dakota gets Arkansas at the right time.

Why Arkansas could cover the spread


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The Razorbacks are a premier program, and while they got off to a slow start last season, that doesn’t mean they will continue into this season. Arkansas believes it can reach the top of the mountain again in college basketball. The Hogs’ thirst for success will drive them to cover in this game.

South Dakota State-Arkansas final prediction and selection

The fact that South Dakota State was tough in the first week of the season is notable, but ultimately this is a game you should stay away from. If you insist on a choice, take SDSU, but really put this one out or put it live.

Final South Dakota State-Arkansas Prediction & Selection: South Dakota State +15.5