Two rare octopus sightings reported off the North Carolina coast ^ North Carolina

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In the video posted on Facebook, the octopus can be seen moving parallel to the beach.

“It’s an octopus! Not often seen in the park, this small octopus was spotted swimming near the beach on the sane side of the barrier island on Friday (11/18/2022). What a cool little animal!” The Seashore wrote in the caption for the video.

This is the second sighting of an octopus off North Carolina’s Outer Banks in the last week or so. Yahoo News reports that a post in a private Outer Banks Facebook group showed photos of a live octopus found in a shell on Frisco Beach. The animal in these photos is much smaller than the one captured in the video. That means there are several squid swimming close to shore these days. As with any animal, if you encounter one, watch it from afar and let it go about its day.

Source Yahoo News

That’s why North Carolina is such a naturally beautiful state

We can probably all agree that North Carolina is one of the most natural and beautiful places in the country. Here we are fortunate to have both the beach and the mountains, with many lakes, forests and other natural wonders in between. But it’s not just us. The United States is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And thanks to its enormous size and sprawling landscape. Some people naturally fall in love with the hustle and bustle of cities. But many others prefer to immerse themselves in the natural wonders. And with such a diverse landscape, each state has its own natural beauty. But there are some states that have just been dealt an even better map when it comes to nature.

With that in mind, our friends at analyzed each state to see which one boasted the most natural beauty. To do this, they examined the number of volcanoes, mountains, coastlines, national parks, state parks, inland waterways and waterfalls that each state has to offer. While these things aren’t everything that can make a place like North Carolina naturally beautiful, they’re one way to quantify it. And NC made it into the top 10! There are some beautiful places included on this list. do you agree Read on to see the top 10 naturally most beautiful states.