The tradition of more than 26 years continues in the Crossroads churches

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – The Crossroads Church helps feed up to 100,000 people a full plate on Thanksgiving.

what you need to know

  • The Crossroads Church continues its annual Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Families and more at Crossroads in Lexington are bringing their efforts back to central Kentucky
  • 4 out of 9 faith organization locations host food drives in Kentucky and Ohio

“Service is in their DNA,” say church leaders from Lexington’s Crossroads, who seal boxes for their annual Thanksgiving meal drive with church partners and a volunteer food collection service, God’s Pantry Food Bank.

Michael Alford and Bryan Carter smile in front of Crossroads in Lexington, Kentucky. (Spectrum News 1/Sabriel Metcalf)

For over 26 years, Crossroads Church has brought a new perspective to the Lexington faith community. Bryan Carter, Crossroad’s site team leader, said: “Creating community like we feel in his house is a powerful thing because we’re a very big part of the community, so we’d like to get out there and do things for our community do.”

He says giving food at this time of year is an essential part of remembering. “I think we can all look back at some of the most important times in our lives that happened around the kitchen table and where community grew, where families got together and talked because we just want to make sure everyone in our community can be decorated to eat Thanksgiving,” Carter said.

Crossroads members and others in the community provide some of the holiday favorites for an ideal Thanksgiving celebration. Some of these items include veggies, ingredients for the filling, cranberries, and a turkey centerpiece.

Dozens of prepared boxes sat at the back of the parking lot, ready to be unpacked for the big day. Carter says that after each of the items listed are checked off, the boxes are sealed for the box trucks that are supposed to take those boxes straight to the church.

Sealed boxes provided the back of the parking lot for collection. (Spectrum News 1/Sabriel Metcalf)

“Go to families and/or partners by the end of the afternoon today and all of this is being given away, but now it’s all coming in, as is giving from people who are part of the Crossroads Lexington community,” Carter said.

He says the day of service brings families closer together. “We love to get all of our families involved, it’s a great opportunity for parents and children to come here and serve one another. In our culture today there aren’t many ways to bring children and adults together and I think it’s a great way for parents to show that this world and this community is about serving and caring for other people Carter said.

Along with God’s Food Pantry for the Thanksgiving Food Drive, Crossroads works with leading organizations like the Lexington Rescue Mission, local schools and others to create additional charitable opportunities.

The annual event also takes place in parts of Ohio such as Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton.