NBA Draft: Five takeaways from the Champions Classic

INDIANAPOLIS – Greetings from a Champions classic that traditionally ended very late at night. The annual, unofficial start of the college basketball season – which is always a combination of duke, Kentucky, Kansas and State of Michigan— was well attended by the NBA, as usual, with most teams sending in several senior decision-makers.

While blue-blood programs have lost years, this event is often viewed as a litmus test of the overall level of talent in college basketball in any given season — always showing up hoping to see prospects and expecting just as much from these particular programs . But due to the emergence of alternative routes to the NBA, as well as the broader trend of top players graduating from non-traditional college hoop powers, the Champions Classic is no longer a one-stop destination for elite prospects — at least not always. Regardless, we’ve got an interesting pair of games with a handful of potential first-round picks on the pitch. Here are some early takeaways.