Editorial Summary: Kentucky

Bowling Green Daily News. November 11, 2022.

Editor: After the election, the spirit of cooperation should now prevail

This year’s midterm election drew more interest than in many years in the past.

From two proposed state constitutional amendments to some highly interesting local races, there was plenty for voters to say.

We now have the results – which, given the nature of the election, probably means most voters have had some disappointing results as well as some successes.

Likewise, there are many candidates who have worked extremely hard and are now dealing with a loss.

Congratulations to everyone who ran positive campaigns, whether they won or lost.

For the winners, the unsuccessful candidates, and voters at large, it’s time to focus on the path forward, no matter how difficult it may be.

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The list of challenges and issues that need to be addressed will vary by office, but expect the list to be long.

We are grateful to see that, for the most part, the losing candidates on the ground congratulated the victors and expressed their support.

This spirit of accepting the process and focusing on the greater good is a hallmark of a strong community.

This does not mean that we should not critically question the electoral process. Certainly things happened on Tuesday that we can all agree were worrying.

The chief of this is the local turnout. Despite the high-profile changes mentioned above and numerous local races, only about 40% of registered voters in Warren County cast their ballots.

While that number is disappointing, voter apathy is a universal problem that defies easy explanation and resolution.

What we can control is our outlook for the future, which should be based on concern for the common good and a spirit of cooperation.

Ashland Daily Independent. November 16, 2022.

Editorial: Perfect place for vacation

Fundraising season is upon us and the holiday cheer is here.

The Winter Wonderland Of Lights Opening Ceremony makes it all official every year on Monday.

It’s always wonderful to see little faces light up at the sight of the Candy Factory, Castle, Dinosaur, Elves, and other exhibits in Central Park — not to mention the sight of Santa Clause when he shows up … as he did on Monday with Help by did The Ashland Fire Department turned one of their engines into a sleigh for Ol’ Saint Nick.

Ashland arguably embraces the holiday season as much as any small town in America.

Families have done a good job of passing on the town’s traditions to generations.

Central Park has been lit up every winter since the late 1980s.

Since then, other holidays have popped up in Northeast Kentucky, such as the parade that takes place on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year.

The streets of Ashland have been decorated for Christmas for over a week.

The Boyd County Tourism and Convention Bureau launched the BOCO Light Trail in 2020, brightening up a COVID Christmas. It will be back this year, adding new options for both young and old eyes to enjoy on a chilly November or December night.

In these tough financial times, it’s nice to have options that aren’t too expensive – of course, fuel is a must to drive around and layers of clothing may be required, but what’s really free?

While the atmosphere of the city and county adds to the holiday spirit, it also serves as a reminder to be in giving mode this season.

Again, basic necessities are hard enough for some, but if you have a little more, there are many in need who would hopefully put to good use.

Opportunities like volunteering in pantries, kitchens, and holiday dinners are on the horizon. Community outreach events are also being planned.

If nothing else, be considerate of others this holiday season. It’s not the happiest of times for everyone, so it’s nice to just be there for each other in this special community.

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