10 DC Characters Who Could Beat Black Adam In A Fight

Black Adam has taken the world by storm, and fans are flocking to theaters to see the anti-hero in action as he fights to save his country from the people who want to destroy it. The character certainly has the power to do so, as his powers come from a pantheon of gods that grant him immense power.

Despite all the power Black Adam has, he is not invincible. It may not seem so, but he has his limits – limits easily exceeded by some of the most powerful and unpredictable characters in the entire DC Universe, leaving the ruler of Kahndaq with little chance of victory when it comes to blows Has .



A scene from Adventures Of Superman (Vol 2) #2

Superman is the ultimate powerhouse in the DC Universe with nearly unlimited power. As such, he can take on almost anyone he meets – including Black Adam.

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Superman has pretty much limitless power, speed, and invulnerability. Yes, it’s true that Superman is just as vulnerable to magic as anyone, something that drives Black Adam on, but he’s defeated enemies who have exploited this weakness before. Both fighters have impressive durability, but Superman has survived far more powerful attacks than Black Adam has or can dish out. Superman is pretty much the ultimate warrior in the comics, and Black Adam doesn’t stand a chance of beating him.

wonder woman

Wonder Woman in DC Comics

There are many great versions of Wonder Woman in the multiverse, and any one of them – especially the Prime Earth version of her – can easily bring down Black Adam.

Both Wonder Woman and Black Adam have spent hundreds of years training for battle, but Wonder Woman has fought gods like Black Adam before, such as Ares. She has also been seen running much faster than what Black Adam can do. Black Adam is able to land a few good hits as the fight progresses, but Wonder Woman’s better training and prowess wins the day for her in the end.


Doomsday and Wonder Woman fight in front of a tidal wave.

There’s no denying that Doomsday is one of the most iconic and best villains in DC Comics. But beyond that, he’s also one of the strongest and Black Adam is no match for him.

Time and time again, Doomsday was able to take on the entire Justice League and survive with little injury. In his first appearance, Superman died in his efforts to take him down for good. That kind of raw power easily surpasses Black Adam and his entire pantheon. He sure would put up a good fight, but in the end, Black Adam just has nothing to stop Doomsday.


Zatanna conjures.

Zatanna may not seem like a DC powerhouse, but what many people might not realize is how absurdly powerful she is with magical powers. In her strongest form, she was able to create rifts in time and space throughout the multiverse.

Her magical skills are among the best in the world, even rivaling other magical heavyweights like John Constantine and Doctor Fate. She might not be as strong physically as Black Adam, but in terms of her sheer raw magical power, Zatanna absolutely destroys him on multiple occasions.

Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Hal Jordan points at the screen with his lantern ring.

Hal Jordan is the most famous Green Lantern and one of the strongest. As such, he has more than enough to defeat Black Adam.

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With his ring, Jordan can do and create just about anything he wants. Weapons, shields, energy beams – everything is at his disposal. To be fair to Black Adam, he could potentially end the fight in his favor by removing the ring, but Jordan is both fast and strong enough to prevent that. There is a reason he was chosen to be the Green Lantern and that is his immeasurable willpower which makes his constructs even stronger and more powerful.

The joker

The Joker laughs maniacally as he loses his mind in DC Comics

Joker has done many terrible things to Batman over the years, but seeing him take on someone like Black Adam might be a stretch – if not his unpredictability.

Despite his mental instability, Joker is a criminal mastermind, even capable of rivaling and defeating the Justice League. Yes, Black Adam surpasses him in strength, speed, and durability, but Joker’s trickery, tenacity, and unpredictability ultimately give him a win, especially if he can trick Black Adam enough to hit him with Joker Venom. Black Adam may be strong, but even he cannot withstand a large dose of Joker’s deadly poison.

The Lightning

The Flash runs on a New 52 DC comic book cover.

Flash was able to beat some of DC’s most powerful characters with his near-unlimited speed levels, and Black Adam would have very little chance of beating him.

The fact is that Flash is the fastest being on earth and can run so fast that he can essentially stop time or even travel back in time. Black Adam can’t even come close to matching that feat. Flash’s brain can also think much faster than Black Adam’s, allowing Flash to find ways to defeat him and then execute that plan in less than a second, ending the fight before it even started.

martian manhunter

Martian Manhunter angrily smashes bricks.

Martian Manhunter is best known for his mental abilities, which may not do him any good in a fight with Black Adam. But he has many other powers that can help him defeat Kahndaq’s protector.

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Black Adam has shown that he can resist mental attacks, rendering Martian Manhunter’s psychic powers useless. But he can also make himself immaterial and morph into various forms, making him unpredictable and extremely difficult to pin down. Martian Manhunter is also extremely strong and durable, with fire being one of his few weaknesses. His tenacity and strength give him enough edge to eventually defeat Black Adam.

Doctor Manhattan

Guardian Doctor Manhattan DC Comics

Doctor Manhattan is pretty much the definition of brute force in the DC Universe (even if he’s just a part of it), and Black Adam doesn’t stand a chance of beating him.

Doctor Manhattan is essentially a near-omnipotent being whose powers far exceed those of similar beings like Mister Mxyzptlk, and he has demonstrated those powers by defeating almost every single DC hero at once. But the real thing that dooms Black Adam from the start is Doctor Manhattan’s electrokinesis abilities, which he previously used to shine the Shazam family’s magical light back on them. Given how similar Black Adam’s lighting is to them, this makes him useless against Manhattan and the outcome of the fight is easy to wrap up.


Darkseid in DC Comics

Darkseid is widely regarded as the great evil of the DC Universe, and he didn’t get that title because he’s a pushover.

Darkseid’s immense power surpasses Black Adam with his Omega Beams, immeasurable strength, and absolutely insane durability. Darkseid has survived explosions and weapons specifically designed to kill him. There’s literally nothing Black Adam has that Darkseid can even scratch, meaning he has absolutely no chance of defeating the Justice League’s greatest enemy.

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