The sale of Bridgeport’s Sikorsky Airport to CAA has been delayed until 2023

BRIDGEPORT — Officials on both sides of the negotiations admitted this week that the proposed sale of the city-owned Sikorsky Memorial Airport to the Connecticut Airport Authority, due in part to an environmental analysis of the Stratford-based property, will not move forward until 8 p.m. at least early next year.

The CAA’s interest in purchasing the site became public last November, and that organization and Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration had set a goal of completing negotiations and escalating the terms to the Bridgeport City Council before 2023.

“It doesn’t look likely,” said Daniel Roach, a Ganim employee who was involved in the talks.

“I don’t see anything that’s going to happen before the end of the year,” CAA Executive Director Kevin Dillon agreed in a separate interview. “The first quarter of next year will be a much more reasonable target.”