No surprise pets as gifts, say animal rights activists at CT & Milford

MILFORD – With the start of the holiday shopping season, animal care advocates are once again urging people to exercise caution when giving away pets.

“We want to make sure we don’t surprise anyone with pets or (overwhelm them) with a pet that surprises them,” said Kathryn Schubert, communications manager for the Connecticut Humane Society. “If you’re interested in surprising someone with a pet, my recommendation would be that instead of bringing them a pet home, you can tell them you’ll take care of the adoption fee or buy toys for the pet.”

Gary Farrar, administrator of animal control in Milford, said the town doesn’t adopt many animals during the holiday season, but that’s at least partly because there aren’t very many animals at the shelter.

“We don’t usually have many kittens at this time of year because kitten season ends early to mid-fall and doesn’t start again until mid-spring,” he said. “And as for the dog, we rarely see puppies, and more often than not we get dogs that are usually on the larger end, like pit mixes or boxer mixes, which unfortunately isn’t what people think about when they want to adopt.” an animal at Christmas time.”