Killingly has lost $94,000 in funding because of the “Redmen” mascot

The city of Killingly will lose $94,184 in state funding this year because its local high school continues to use the “Redmen” and “Red Gals” mascots, Connecticut’s Office of Policy Management will announce Thursday.

Killingly was one of three cities to break a 2021 law restricting the use of Native American mascots in Connecticut schools. Windsor and Canton, whose high schools both use a “Warriors” mascot, are also noncompliant, according to a state review, but do not receive money from the Mashantucket Pequot/Mohegan Fund and therefore do not face financial penalties.

Other towns such as Derby, whose schools are nicknamed the ‘Red Raiders’, have been granted exemptions after receiving approval from recognized aboriginal tribes.

Earlier this year, every Connecticut city was required to submit a form to OPM documenting the mascots for each of its schools. While most districts have certified that they do not use offensive mascots (or intend to phase them out soon), Killingly, Windsor and Canton indicated that they do not use a name and/or image associated with Indigenous Peoples written consent from indigenous groups would be retained.