Jazz beat Blazers 118-113 and took the Western Conference lead

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Jordan Clarkson scored 28 points, including eight straight in the 1:48 Finals, in the Utah Jazz’s 118-113 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday night.

Malik Beasley had 29 points off the bench to help Utah take the Western Conference lead 12-6.

“We’re proud of how we came out after 18 games,” said jazz coach Will Hardy. “We believe we can get better. This is our focus. Like any team, we are not a finished product. That doesn’t mean we’re proud of where we are now, but we mustn’t lose ourselves in what anyone says about us.”

Beasley was a force throughout the game, especially in the second quarter where he scored 15 points.

“I think he understands our system a little bit better,” jazz coach Will Hardy said of Beasley scoring six 3-pointers. “The timing that he cuts with, the timing that comes off the screens, was really good. And his teammates found him at the right moments.”