CT Championship Preview: Soccer, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Swimming

CONNECTICUT — State championship weekend has arrived for high school football, girls’ volleyball, field hockey and girls’ swim teams across Connecticut as CIAC tournaments conclude Saturday and Sunday.

All eight football finals will be played at Trinity Health Stadium (formerly Dillon Stadium) in Hartford, the four volleyball finals will be held at East Haven High School, the three field hockey title tilts are scheduled for Wethersfield High School and the swimming State Open is set for Yale University pool.

Here are some fun facts about the teams competing in championship competitions this weekend.

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  • There will be lions, tigers and bears – oh my god! – In fact, the Lions (Northwest Catholic) and the Tigers (Mercy) meet in the M-class girls’ soccer final. There will be three sets of Rams (Cheshire, Old Saybrook, Bristol Central) as well as pairs of Falcons (Xavier, Joel Barlow) and Eagles (East Catholic, Trumbull). In field hockey, the Green Wave (New Milford) is followed by the Blue Wave (Darien) onto the turf.
  • Three schools will be represented in two championship competitions: Cheshire (boys soccer, girls soccer), Darien (volleyball, field hockey) and East Hampton (boys soccer, volleyball).
  • In just three clashes – Cheshire vs. Xavier Boys Soccer, Lyman Memorial vs. East Catholic Girls Soccer and Darien vs. Wilton Field Hockey – the two top seeds battle it out for the title.
  • Six teams will attempt to repeat their championship runs from 2021. Old Saybrook is on the hunt for his fourth consecutive boys’ soccer title, while RHAM Volleyball hopes to win the Class M championship after winning the Class L title last year. Others looking to repeat are Staples, St. Joseph and Mercy girls soccer and North Branford field hockey.
  • Four teams — New Milford field hockey, Bristol Central and East Hampton volleyball, and Lyman Memorial girls’ soccer — are seeking their first state titles, with the last three making their first appearances in the Finals.
  • Greenwich boys’ soccer is aiming for its first state title since 1961, while New Milford’s field hockey is in the finals for the first time since 1983.

Tickets for fall CIAC championship events are available digitally only and can be ordered here.

Find complete information on every title fight, including championship game histories and links to team rosters and season records.

Find out what’s happening across Connecticutwith free real-time patch updates.


Class LL
Saturday, 6:30 p.m

No. 2 Hall Titans vs. No. 16 Greenwich Cardinals

Regular Season: HAL 14-0-2; GRE 9-5-2
The way to the final:

  • Hal: D Ridgefield 2-0; i.e. Simsbury 4-1; i.e. Fairfield Wards 6-3; i.e. Norwalk 4-3 (PK)
  • GR: d. Farmington 2-1 (PC); i.e. Trumbull 1-0 (PK); i.e. Newington 1-0; i.e. Fairfield Preparation 2-1 (PK)

Title game record: HAL 9-3; GR 1-3
Last State Championship: HAL 2019; GR 1961

Class L
Sunday, 6:30 p.m

No. 1 Cheshire Rams vs. No. 2 Xavier Falcons

Regular Season: CHE 11-2-1; XAV 12-2-2
The way to the final:

  • CHE: bye; i.e. Avon 6-2; i.e. Notre Dame West Haven 6-0; i.e. Gilford 3-2
  • XAV: bye; i.e. RHAM 1-0 (PK); i.e. Pomperaug 2:0; i.e. Midtown 5-1

Record in title game: CHE 1-1; XAV 1:0
Last state championship: CHE 1988; XAV 1995

Class M
Saturday at 1:30 p.m

No. 1 Ellington Knights vs. No. 7 Weston Trojans

Regular Season: ELL 15-1; WES 12-3
The way to the final:

  • ELL: D. Plainville 2-0, d. Granby 5-0; i.e. Suffield 2-1; i.e. Tolland 2-1 (PC)
  • WES: d. WCA 6-1; i.e. Holy Cross 2-0; i.e. Rocky Hill 3-2 (2OT); i.e. Cromwell 6-3

Title game record: ELL 5-8; WES 1-1
Last State Championship: ELL 2014; WS 2005

Class S
Sunday, 11 a.m

No. 3 East Hampton Bellringers vs. No. 5 Old Saybrook Rams

Regular Season: EH 11-1-1; Operating System 13-1-2
The way to the final:

  • EH: bye; i.e. Thomaston 5-0; i.e. Canton 3-2 (PK); i.e. Notre Dame Fairfield 2-0
  • Operating system: d. Westbrook 3-0; i.e. Bolton 2-0; i.e. Litchfield 2-0; i.e. Oxford 2-1 (PC)

Title game record: EH 1-4; Operating system 7-3
Last national championship: EH 2014; Operating System 2021


Class LL
Sunday, 4 p.m

No. 1 Cheshire Rams vs. No. 3 Staples Wreckers

Regular Season: CHE 15-0-1; STA 10-1-4
The way to the final:

  • CHE: bye; i.e. Darien 3-1; i.e. Southington 1-0 (PK); i.e. Ridgefield 2-1
  • STA: bye; i.e. Greenwich 5-0; i.e. Wilton 3-0; i.e. Glastonbury 3-0

Title game record: CHE 2-1; STA 2-3
Last state championship: CHE 2005; ST 2021

Class L
Saturday, 11 a.m

No. 2 St Joseph Cadets vs. No. 4 Notre Dame-Fairfield Lancers

Regular Season: STJ 14-1-1; ND 13-1-2
The way to the final:

  • STJ: bye; i.e. Holy Cross 8-0; i.e. Foran 7-0; i.e. Weather field 4-1
  • ND: bye; i.e. Berlin 1-0; i.e. Brookfield 2-1; i.e. Ellington 1-0

Title game record: STJ 7-1; Nd 2-0
Last State Championship: STJ 2021; Nd 2016

Class M
Saturday, 4 p.m

No. 3 Mercy Tigers vs. No. 13 Northwest Catholic Lions

Regular Season: MER 13-2-1; NWC 9-5-2
The way to the final:

  • MER: D Griswold 7-0; i.e. East Hampton 4-0; i.e. Weston 2-1 (2OT); i.e. Bacon Academy 3-0
  • NWC: d. Wolcott 4-0; i.e. Forest 3-0; i.e. Cromwell 6-0; i.e. Water Town 5-0

Record in the title game: MER 1:0; NWC 4-1
Last national championship: MER 2021; NWM 2015

Class S
Sunday, 1:30 p.m

No. 1 Lyman Memorial Bulldogs vs. No. 2 East Catholic Eagles

Regular Season: LM 14-1-1; EC14-1-1
The way to the final:

  • LM: bye; i.e. Terryville 4-0; i.e. Bolton 2-1 (PC); i.e. Portland 3-1 (2OT)
  • EC: bye; i.e. Old Lyme 1-0; i.e. Saint Bernard 2-1; i.e. Thomaston 2-1

Title game record: LM 0-0; EC 1:0
Last state championship: LM none; EURO 2014


Class LL
Saturday, 10 a.m

No. 1 Darien Blue Wave vs. No. 14 Trumbull Eagles

Regular Season: DAR 18-01; TRUE 14-6
The way to the final:

  • DAR: bye; i.e. Farifield Ludlowe 3-1; i.e. Greenwich 3-0; i.e. Südton 3:0
  • TRUE: d. west port 3-0; i.e. Simsbury 3-1; i.e. Brien McMahon 3-0; i.e. Regional Friendship 3-1

Title game record: DAR 17-2; TRU 1-0
Last national championship: DAR 2014; TR 2019

Class L
Saturday, 1 p.m

No.1 Joel Barlow Falcons versus No.7 Bristol Central Rams

Regular Season: JB 17-0; 14-6 BC
The way to the final:

  • JB: bye; i.e. Ellington 3-0; i.e. plate 3-0; i.e. Woodstock Academy 3-0
  • BC: d. Ledyard 3-0; i.e. EO Smith 3-0; i.e. Suffield 3-1; i.e. East Lyme 3-1

Title game record: JB 1-6; BC 0-0
Last national championship: JB 2018; BC none

Class M
Saturday, 7 p.m

No. 2 Woodland Hawks vs. No. 4 RHAM Raptors

Regular Season: WOO 18-2; RH 17-2
The way to the final:

  • WOO: bye; i.e. mercy 3-1; i.e. Nonnewaug 3-0; i.e. Waterford 3-0
  • RHA: bye; i.e. Wolcott 3-0; i.e. Northwest Regional 3-0; i.e. Seymour 3-0

Record in title game: WOO 1-1; RH 8-3
Last state championship: WOO 2013; RH 2021

Class S
Saturday, 4 p.m

No. 2 Hale-Ray Noises vs. No. 4 East Hampton Bellringers

Regular Season: HR 18-1; EH 16-2
The way to the final:

  • HR: bye; i.e. Flawless 3-0; i.e. Coventry 3-1; i.e. Coginchaug 3-1
  • EH: bye; i.e. Haddam-Killingworth 3-0; i.e. wheelers 3-0; i.e. Griswold 3-2

Record in title game: HR 1-3; EH 0-0
Last state championship: HR 1982; Eh none


Class L
Saturday, 2 p.m

No. 1 Darien Blue Wave vs. No. 2 Wilton Warriors

Regular Season: DAR 16-0; WIL 14-1-1
The way to the final:

  • Dar: D Neustadt 7-0; i.e. Greenwich 4-2; i.e. Glastonbury 5-0
  • Will: D Trumbull 7-1; i.e. Ridgefield 5-0; i.e. New Canaan 1-0

Record in title game: DAR 10-4; WIL 6-4
Last national championship: DAR 2016; WILD 2015

Class M
Saturday noon

No. 6 New Milford Green Wave vs. No. 9 Branford Hornets

Regular Season: NM 10-3-3; BH 10-4-1-1
The way to the final:

  • NM: d. East Lyme 4-0; i.e. Fitch 1-0; i.e. Wetterfeld 2-0
  • Bra: d. Brookfield 1-0; i.e. Gilford 1-0; i.e. Daniel hand 1-0

Title game record: NM 0-4; BH 10-4
Last state championship: NM none; BH 2005

Class S
Saturday, 10 a.m

No. 1 North Branford Thunderbirds vs. No. 3 Stonington Bears

Regular Season: NB 15-1; STO 12-2-1
The way to the final:

  • Note: d. Sheehan 4-1; i.e. Sacred Heart Academy 3-0; i.e. Flawless 2-1
  • STO: i.e. Weston 2-1 (2OT); i.e. grandma 2-1; i.e. Canton 2-1 (2SHO)

Title game record: NB 5-2; STO 2-4
Last national championship: NB 2021; STO 2013


state open
Sunday, 2 p.m
(Dive Thursday in Middletown, 5:30pm)

class master

  • Teams – Ridgefield; darien; pomper eye; west
  • 200 medley relay – Greenwich; darien; Gilford; Seymour
  • 200 freestyle – Annam Olasewere, staples; Avery Potyrala, Cheshire; Mia Hatzis, Brookfield; Sophia Velleco, Seymour
  • 200 Individual Medley – Riley McGerald, Ridgefield; Miller Ward, Darien; Olivia Herbert, Bethel Immaculata; Emme Starzman, Woodland
  • 50 Freestyle – Kathleen Murray, Fairfield Ludlowe; Natalia Ferranto, Darien; Audrey Gil, Joel Barlow; Riley Anderson, Bacon Academy
  • 1 meter diving – Alison Colburn, Conard; Kaitlyn Maggio, New Canaan; Jordyn Gould, Guilford; Francesca Sparagna, Weston
  • 100 Butterfly – Avery Kudlac, Glastonbury; Miller Ward, Darien; Olivia Herbert, Bethel Immaculata; Riley Anderson, Bacon Academy
  • 100 freestyle – Annam Olasewere, staples; Avery Potyrala, Cheshire; Audrey Gil, Joel Barlow; Katrine O’Leary, Seymour
  • 500 Freestyle – Kathleen Murray, Fairfield Ludlowe; Meghan Tiernan, Halle; Margaret Rutledge, Pomperaug; Sophia Velleco, Seymour
  • 200 Freestyle Relay – Ridgefield; darien; weather field; Seymour
  • 100 Backstroke – Lily Archibald, Ridgefield; Natalia Gajecki, Cheshire; Elise Richardson, Lyman Hall; Emelia Bailey, Weston
  • 100 breaststroke – Riley McGerald, Ridgefield; Marea Li, Amity Regional; Jocelyn Niemczyk, Rockville; Samantha Chemacki, Daniel Hand
  • 400 Freestyle Relay – Ridgefield; Cheshire; weather field; west

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