How the Democrats’ new primary calendar is changing the chessboard

When a group of Democratic Party insiders on Friday confirmed President Joseph R. Biden’s preferred lineup of early presidential candidates, it didn’t just shake the august status of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. They also formally joined a decades-long demographic reckoning that reflects the growing influence of the racially diverse coalition that brought Mr. … Read more

Iowa is fading as a road to the presidency

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa, a predominantly white state that fueled Barack Obama’s rise to become America’s first black president in 2008, seemed to confirm his position as the nation’s first in the presidential nomination process. But in the half-century arc of the state’s whimsical electoral conventions, Obama’s victory proved an outlier. All other Democratic … Read more

Service providers see more fuel assist applications in NH

As the The cost of heating a home is increasingCitizens’ initiatives and wooden banks are preparing for a difficult winter. Southwestern Community Services generally serves approximately 4,000 customers each year as part of their fuel assistance program. 4,600 applications were received this year before the program technically opened Thursday, according to chief development officer Keith … Read more

Valley News – Jim Kenyon: Costly request strains Lebanon’s right to information

As Lebanon City Administrator for nearly five years, Shaun Mulholland is accustomed to responding to public requests for information under the New Hampshire Right to Information. Most are basic things. Journalists ask about employees’ salaries and how long they have worked for the city. Law firms and corporations looking for city contract and policy documents. … Read more