US intelligence chief ‘optimistic’ about Ukrainian forces

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – The US intelligence chief says fighting in the Russian war in Ukraine is proceeding at a “reduced pace” and hints that Ukrainian forces may have better prospects in the coming months. Avril Haines alluded to previous claims by some that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisers could shield him from bad news … Read more

Why Hawaii’s lava from Mauna Loa probably won’t stop it from hitting the highway

CNN — Lava from the Mauna Loa volcano’s ongoing eruption is just a few miles from a major highway on Hawaii’s Big Island. But despite the inconvenience of closing the highway, attempts to divert the lava flow are unlikely, experts say. The lava was just 2.5 miles from the Daniel K. Inouye Highway as of … Read more

Taimane explores her heritage with “Hawaiki”

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star Advertiser. Have fun with this free story! “Hawaiian” Taimans Diamond Entertainment LLC If Enya, the Irish singer-songwriter best known for her 1988 international hit “Orinoco Flow,” had ever decided to explore Polynesian music, the results might have been something like what happened in “Hawaiki,” the opening track and title track, … Read more

Top 8 Romantic Hotels on Big Island, Hawaii

Share the article Last updated 8 minutes ago The Big Island of Hawaii is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway. You and your partner can look forward to beautiful black sand beaches, sparkling waters and of course lots of sunny and warm weather. If you’re planning such a trip, here are seven romantic hotels … Read more

The island of Hawaii is still attracting homebuyers despite outbreak risks

Despite the threat of hurricanes, tsunamis, wog, earthquakes — and now another Mauna Loa eruption — people continue to move to the more favorable areas of the island of Hawaii, including the Leilani Estates subdivision, which was inundated by Kilauea lava in 2018. Reasons for purchase vary between newcomers, retirees and local working families: the … Read more

Molokaʻi doctor and Native American activist Noa Emmett Aluli recalled: Maui Now

US Rep. Kai Kahele, D-Hawaii, and Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli. PC: Courtesy Government leaders from across the state joined in mourning the recent death of Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli and recognized his achievements. In a statement from Hawaii Senate Democrats, Aluli was recognized for his work as a healer, mentor, and physician. “We speak the … Read more

Both sides see high stakes in the Supreme Court for Gay Rights case

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will be warned next week of the potentially dire consequences of a case involving a Christian graphic artist who objects to designing wedding websites for same-sex couples. The rule for the designer and the judiciary will expose not only same-sex couples to discrimination, but also blacks, immigrants, Jews, Muslims and … Read more

The Mauna Loa lava flow creeps closer to the Hawaii Highway, which connects two sides of the Big Island

CNN — As the world’s largest active volcano spews molten rock in Hawaii, the lava flow approaches a main road that serves as the shortest route between the east and west sides of the Big Island. Over the past day, the advance of lava from Mauna Loa slowed to an average rate of about 40 … Read more

‘It’s just crazy…’: Only 11-time champion Kelly Slater could come back as wonderful as it was seen earlier this year

Leave it to Kelly Slater to surprise the world and he would never fail to do so. The legendary Slater, who became the youngest and oldest surfer to win a World Surfing League Championship in Hawaii, shocked everyone again in early 2022 with his impressive performance. ADVERTISEMENT The article continues below this ad Slater had … Read more