What is legalization like in each state? = Colorado

If Oregon’s experience as the very first state to legalize psilocybin is any indication, Colorado faces a long, strange journey while building its own legal industry. The general public’s enthusiasm for psychedelics has increased in recent years, as clinical studies have yielded promising results regarding psilocybin’s ability to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression, and … Read more

From the sad, sudden end of an Army career, a bike world was born in Colorado Springs | lifestyle = Colorado

Connor Bestwick, who owns Gnarly B’s bike shop, opened an indoor bike park with ramps and jumps called The Station in Colorado Springs in early November. When Bestwick was diagnosed with compartment syndrome a few years ago, ending his military career, he began to pursue new hobbies and fell in love with bicycles. (Video by … Read more

Colorado Prison Radio puts content first = Colorado

With the click of a mouse, anyone in the world can listen to Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio day or night. It is produced and hosted by inmates in four state prisons owned by the Colorado Department of Corrections, which has established professional studios at those facilities and funded the University of Denver’s Prison Arts … Read more

How voters across the state voted on ‘mushrooms’ | CRONIN & LOEVY | opinion = Colorado

Tom Cronin and Bob Loevy Coloradans voted 54% to 46% to make the cultivation, gifting, and use of psychedelic compounds—DMT, ibogaine, and mescaline—legal for people 21 and older. Proposition 122 also allows for licensed “healing centers” where clients can consume psilocybin in a regulated “consulting” setting. Older people like us don’t know much about these … Read more

Money & the Law: Colorado judge finds himself on the wrong side of the law | business = Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court is not only responsible for deciding cases, but also for disciplining Colorado attorneys and judges. For lawyers, their conduct is governed by the Code of Conduct and the authority to investigate and prosecute violations is the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. For judges, their conduct is governed by the Code of … Read more

Construction projects in Colorado Springs slowed by rising costs and interest rates | Subscriber Content = Colorado

Rising material and labor costs, as well as rising interest rates, have delayed several major commercial construction projects in Colorado Springs, including what would become the city’s tallest building. Developers have slowed plans for a 25-story apartment complex and redevelopment of the YMCA lot, both downtown, along with expansion of an on-site data center and … Read more